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The most important principle of my lessons is: having fun and enjoying music!

Everyone learns a little differently, so each student is treated individually. Depending on inclination, preferences and talent, a form of teaching tailored to him/her is chosen for each student, so that an optimal adjustment to the individual student is possible.

Exact observance of technical and musical principles goes without saying.

My specialty is classical guitar in all its varieties, but also song accompaniment, folklore, flamenco, blues...

My youngest student so far was 4 years old, the oldest 85. I have been teaching for more than 40 years.


- Guitar (classical, electric guitar, electric bass, western guitar, blues, picking,

  folk, song accompaniment)

- flute (recorder, flute)

- Singing (classical singing, voice training, breath control)

- Piano for beginners and keyboard

- Old instruments (viol, baroque lute, renaissance lute, woodwind instruments)

- Music theory and ear training, preparation for the entrance exam an 

  a music college in guitar (100% success rate so far)

On request, lessons in English.

Lessons take place in my own comfortable and air-conditioned classroom. Parents and siblings are always welcome! There are comfortable seats, coffee and other drinks available.

Trial lesson for free!

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