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Since my youth I have been enthusiastic about multi-stringed plucked instruments. At the age of 16 I got my first multi-stringed instrument, a 12-string German lute, to be able to play the compositions of Johann S. BACH with original basses, later I got one14-course Renaissance theorbo. 

After dealing with the 15-string Schrammelguitar and the Indian sitar, the first self-developed instrument followed in 2012, the 10-string Gitarrone, built byAchim Peter Gropius. In the next few years, further in-house developments were built, including 2019   the 14-string balaugi (baroque lute guitar) byHeikki Rousuto be able to play baroque lute music directly from the original tablature. 

In order to understand the instruments from the guitar family even better, I built them togetherGoetz Burkifrom 2020-2021 the 8-string universal guitar.In 2021 I wrote probably the first German-language textbook for multi-stringed guitar, whichwas published by Motette-Psallite Verlag .

In Düsseldorf I studied guitar with Prof. Maritta Kersting, minor subject viola da gamba. State music school teacher examination and soloist diploma. In private studies Renaissance and Baroque lute as well as singing, flute, recorder and historical howind instruments.

Since 2009, he has been teaching at the Robert Schumann University in Düsseldorf, and from 2017 to 2022 he was director of the music schoolPro Musica Juechen.

2015 together with Daniel März founding, managing and organizing theJüchen Guitar Concertsand from 2016 the annualInternational Guitar Festival Jüchen.

Numerous performances nationally and internationally, both solo with instrument or vocals and in various ensembles and choirs.

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